WARTIME: A History Series

S03E01: 1763, the Birth of a Revolution

September 4, 2014

Welcome to Season Three of Wartime! In this season we’re discussing the American Revolutionary Era, the people, places and events that defined it, and the political ideologies that gave rise to the world’s first truly modern Republic. In the year 1763 the Empire of Great Britain scored the greatest victory in its long and storied history. With the signing of the Peace of Paris the great Seven Years’ War came to a close, and empire of France was left in ruins. With the end of the Great War for Empire King George nearly tripled the size of his domain and laid claim to nearly all of the North American Continent. But what changes would such a drastic transformation entail, and was the British Empire prepared to confront them. On this episode we discuss the year 1763 and the beginning of the American Revolutionary Era.  It’s our Season Three Premiere…

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