WARTIME: A History Series

S03E02: Pontiac’s Rebellion and the Indian Insurgency of 1763

September 11, 2014

In the Summer of the 1763 the frontier was bathed in blood and burned to the ground as a massive Indian Insurgency swept across the North American Continent. Fueled by discontent as a result of British Imperial austerity, native warriors turned to political upheaval and violent resistance in an attempt to terrorize settlers off of their ancestral hunting grounds. While the movement had many leaders and lacked true cohesion, the Ottawa Chief Pontiac in the Great Lakes and the Mingo chief Guyasuta in the Ohio Country became the face of terror on the frontier. Their actions, along with a decided inaction on the part of the empire, drove many American settlers to the brink and made open rebellion a real possibility for the first time. On this episode we discuss Pontiac’s Rebellion and the Indian Insurgency of 1763. 

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