WARTIME: A History Series

S03E11: 1777: The Year of the Hangman, Saratoga

January 1, 2015

By the year 1777 the British Empire was fighting a losing battle. Sensing the rebellion in the American colonies was still a regional flare up of hostilities, General John Burgoyne set off to slice North America in two. In what would be called the Saratoga Campaign, 10,000 British soldiers invaded the colony of New York from their base in Quebec and seemed all but unstoppable. But, in a dramatic turn of fortunes the Patriot commander Horatio Gates defeated Burgoyne and gave the fledgling revolution new life at the battles of Saratoga that fall. The consequences would be drastic, and the small insurrection that began in Boston would soon spread across the globe. On this episode we discuss the 1777: The Year of the Hangman.

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